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Based in Switzerland, Talk is a company that improves the human side of leadership and develops the communication skills required for executive managers. Their primary mission is to coach leaders to transform any company’s culture by enhancing communication and building stronger teams.

Talk, was poised to transform the public speaking industry through the power of cutting-edge technology. Their aspiration was ambitious: to utilize the latest advancements in AI and voice/video recognition technologies, to craft a system that would redefine public speaking.


Harnessing the expertise of our vision AI and speech recognition specialists, we were instrumental in the birth of a game-changing application – LiveTalk. This prototype utilizes cutting-edge voice and video recognition technologies to scrutinize visual and auditory content from presentations in real-time. From assessing speech speed and emotional cues to tracking keywords and voice frequency, LiveTalk offers a comprehensive report brimming with key performance indicators. By enabling a multi-dimensional analysis, this innovation provides an unparalleled edge in assessing and enhancing speaker performances.


Building on our previous successes, our mobile development team took our partnership with our client into an exciting new chapter in 2023. We conceived and launched a cutting-edge application that revolutionizes how businesses approach communication. This innovative application serves as a digital engineering tool, empowering users to scrutinize their communication abilities through various pivotal indicators. The indicators dissect the complexities of communication into three core elements:

➤ Verbal Messaging: Exploring the substance and structure of your words.

➤ Style and Manner (Paraverbal): Highlighting the importance of tone, pitch, and pacing in effective communication.

➤ Emotional Expression (Non-verbal): Capturing the impact of unspoken cues and body language.

This transformational application ensures users can fine-tune their communication, enabling more powerful, persuasive, and meaningful interactions.

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Voice & video recognition


Our proficient team skillfully developed a prototype utilizing video and voice recognition capabilities. This sophisticated tool provides comprehensive analysis, pin-pointing deficiencies while also highlighting opportunities for enhancement. As we continue to advance, stay tuned for the imminent release of a more robust version, designed to redefine the market landscape.

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