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A customer-centric web development company

Your website is the most valuable component of your business marketing plan. The look and feel of a website say a lot about the business and company displayed on it. Matious Digital provides web development services for both start-ups and existing businesses. The first two minutes visitors spend on your website determine their decision to stay and transact business with you or look elsewhere. At Matious Digital, we design your website in a way that visitors can easily navigate to find the particular information they are looking for and engage your services. 

High performing and feature-packed native mobile apps

The usage of mobile technology and devices keeps increasing every day with businesses taking advantage of different mobile platforms to improve their business operations, reach their customers, and connect with potential customers. Matious Digital has an experienced in-house team that is fully committed to the development of mobile apps that work seamlessly across all platforms and operating systems: laptop, smartphone, tablet, iOS, or Android.



Mobile Apps

Software development for start-ups


We transform your ideas into a successful business offering.

Start-ups need software development with rapid and Agile delivery to survive in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Matious Digital leverages its experience and expertise in software development in translating the unique ideas of start-ups into engaging software products. We assist Start-ups in identifying key features, creating plans for product development, and getting their projects ready to launch as soon as possible.

We conduct an in-depth validation of your business idea

We start by analyzing your project to determine its maximum potential, estimate possible risks and assumptions, and the competitiveness of the market. We save your time and money by ensuring that you avoid failed project from the start. We focus on reducing risks and showing bottlenecks in your projects.



Business Analysis

ad operations support for online publishers

Ad Ops

We offer operational support services on various Ad operations tasks

We provide accurate, effective trafficking services across all the major ad servers. We tailor our knowledge of the intricacies of effective ad ops to your internal sales and trafficking workflows. We assist start-ups in setting up off-shore operations & servicing team

We offer a range of services that can be tailored to your requirements

Our support and maintenance service provides end-to-end support, which includes software maintenance, updates, and upgrades. We are not only interested in your software solutions but your business as a whole. We keep you abreast of the latest technology advancement, ideas, and insight that can be beneficial to your business or customers.

Cross-platform software

Support & Maintenance

Full-cycle testing services

Software Testing

We offer our clients a new approach to quality assurance

Matious Digital performs end-to-end testing throughout the software development life cycle. We control your application development process and ensure that all the modules function as designed from start to finish. Matious Digital takes over the whole scope of your testing activities. We take full responsibility for the test process management and the quality of the software under test.

Matious Digital ensures your users have a seamless experience by testing your web and mobile apps on various browsers and real devices.

We develops and delivers next-generation enterprise applications that streamline your business processes

Right from the modifications of existing enterprise applications to the building of new enterprise apps from scratch and integrating them within the enterprise, Matious Digital focuses on enhancing business agility and efficiency. Our process is designed to address IT resourcing challenges, reduce the cost of business operations, and offer businesses competitive edges.

strategic ES development

Enterprise Software

Deep Learning and Predictive Analytics

Machine Learning

We create innovative business models to give you a a competitive edge

We focus on ensuring faster decision making, increasing productivity, automating business processes, and detecting anomaly faster. Matious Digital utilizes techniques such as pattern recognition, nature-inspired algorithms, computational intelligence, and mathematical optimization in creating future-ready ML-powered applications.

We provide GDPR compliance to start-ups and established companies

We help businesses in protecting personal data as well as honor data subject’s rights. We assess your EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance status. We identify any potential gaps between the practices and GDPR requirements and proceed to develop an action plan to manage ongoing compliance or prepared for a GDPR audit.

implementation processes