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Prebid Development

It’s no secret that header bidding has had a significant impact on the online advertising industry. This advanced programmatic technique enabled publishers to reduce latency, increase ad yield and reduce passbacks. However, header bidding was far from perfect when it first came out in 2009. It had various problems in its early days, such as non-existent industry standards, lack of collaboration among suppliers, and incomplete solutions. All of that changed when Prebid.js came out in 2015.

What Is Prebid.js

Prebid.js is an open-source tool that makes it easy to set up header bidding on websites and apps. Previously, publishers had to invest in specialist technology teams to do this, but Prebid.js made it possible to do it quickly and cheaply. “It is a feature-rich header bidding platform for the web with more than 150 demand sources and 15 analytics adapters supporting currency conversion, GDPR, common ID systems, and multiple ad servers.”


The core principle of prebidding is that it lets multiple demand partners bid on a publisher’s ad inventory at the same time. This allows publishers to sell their inventory to the highest bidder, which maximizes their profits.

Benefits of Using Prebid

Prebidding helps publishers drive more revenue, but also comes with several other benefits:

  1. ➤ With a prebid wrapper, header bidding is more fluid, resulting in quicker reaction times, lower latency, and an improved user experience.
  2. ➤ For all devices, Prebid supports a number of ad types, including display, native, and video advertisements.
  3. ➤ Publishers may combine Prebid.js with thousands of different bidders from all around the world without any issues.
  4. ➤ Publishers can use Prebid’s comprehensive analytics to learn crucial information about the effectiveness of their advertising and to tweak their campaigns. 

What we offer

Prebid.js Bidder Adapters - Client Side

➤ Development of the adapters using javascript and prebid.js libraries
➤ Development of unit tests for the adapters
➤ Pull requests to the prebid.js Github repository and completion of the review process

Prebid Analytics Adapters

➤ Creation of custom analytics adapters for publishers and bidders
➤ Development of custom reporting systems and dashboards (e.g. Grafana, Kibana, etc.)

Mobile Apps

Prebid Server Adapters - Server to Server

➤ Development of the adapters using golang and prebid-server libraries
➤ OpenRTB 2.5 implementation
➤ Development of unit tests for the adapters
➤ Pull requests to the prebid-server Github repository and completion of the review process

Prebid modules integration

➤ Currency module
➤ Consent management module
➤ User ID module
➤ Price floor module, and others...

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