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Hästnet  happens to be Sweden’s most significant buying and selling site for horses and related equipment. It is one of Sweden’s largest websites and has more than 1.5m visits per month with a top-notch target group.


They were facing many challenges concerning the monetization of their platforms:


1. No use of Header bidding

2. Technical problems in the source code

3. Static Ads


To help solve their challenge, we provided a team of ad-ops experts. As defined by Gartner, a global research and advisory firm, “Ad Ops is the management of investments in paid media, which includes search, display and video across online, mobile and social destinations, and the use of programmatic techniques to measure and optimize advertising”.


To solve the issue, our ad expert offered the website’s inventory to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously and drastically improved the revenue by implementing the header bidding technique.


After being able to send the website to multiple ad exchanges, Hästnet was able to increase its advertising-related revenue by a total of 10%. It was the result of a targeted prioritization of vital metrics and targets. These targets include optimizing ad inventory per session, optimizing ad sales, and optimizing repeat, referral, and inbound traffic.


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