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Bloomreach Engagement

Offering individualized experiences across all digital touchpoints by fusing the strength of an omnichannel marketing automation platform with customer data platforms.

For more than 5 years, top companies have relied on our assistance to foster growth. We create real value by combining technology and raw client data.

Integration of customer Data with Engagement platform

Data sources & Customer Data Platform Connection

360-degree customer view

Advanced data for CRM & web customization

Customer engagement automations

Customer Engagement – Assistance

Assisted by customer experience experts

More capability and expertise for your teams

Use-cases for data-driven consumer engagement

Automation & omni-channel customer experience

Advanced email HTML &  A/B testing

Customer Data Analytics

Customer Reporting & Business intelligence

Consumer segmentation

Ad-hoc analysis of customers

Business use case modeling

Predictive reports

Propensity modeling

Growth Strategy

Transform customer data into profitable business cases

Develop fresh strategies for consumer involvement and engagement

Produce and enhance loyalty programs

Promote new pricing & promotion strategies

Bloomreach Engagement

Quick launch & fast ROI

With a plug-and-play library of ready-to-use revenue-generating use cases, Bloomreach gets you up and operating in 1-3 months.

AI & Machine learning

Use AI to increase conversions, provide thoughtful recommendations, and foresee the likelihood of purchase, churn, order return, among other things.

Mobile Apps

Real-time Marketing

All of your segments and campaigns will adapt automatically thanks to our platform's ability to process data and carry it out in less than a second.

Get to the bottom of things

With our built-in editors, journey builders, and data visualization tools, you can create campaigns in half the time.

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