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Business analysis

Requirement Capturing

We capture the right requirements from the business owner and create the project roadmap. We focus on building a solid foundation that guarantees the success of the project.

matious Business analysis

Industry & Competition Analysis

Different industries have different rules and ways of doing business. We take the industry of our client into account when planning any project. We also look at our client’s competitors. We reverse-engine their solutions to identify their strength and weakness.

Design and Prototyping

After determining the project’s business objectives and desired outcomes, we create a full set of visual models for the requirements. We work out the most efficient user flow patterns to ensure the smooth completion of target actions by users. We evaluate the potential of the project to satisfy business needs and meet all documented requirements.


We create any needed documentation. We manage changes to requirements throughout the entire project lifecycle. We create the “Requirements Specification” (SRS). At Matious Digital, we serve as the interlink between you and the development team. Our goal is to ensure that every aspect of the project result is as close as possible to the envisioned project.

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