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Get A Roof is a Quebec startup founded in November 2020 in the hope of solving the issues that most people face when looking for a new apartment. Their mission is to make the search process a breeze for everyone, whether you are a seasoned apartment seeker or just a beginner, and give everyone a fair chance of finding an apartment.


Get A Roof uses Search aggregation and automation as the primary strategy to fix the issue. The challenge was to build a platform that requires users to enter their search criteria once to launch and their journey to find the perfect apartment.


In collaboration with our team, Get A roof was able to launch a first version of the platform that automates the search for an apartment.


The platform also helps to save the customer’s criteria once, to conduct an ongoing search, and notifies the user when it finds a suitable match and makes users seen by landlords.


The platform is currently in Beta testing, but it has already known a tremendous success, and the stage is already set for a second version to start soon. The new solution will consider all the feedback received by beta testers. It will be empowered by several new functionalities and features, along with AI, to take the performance to an entirely new level.


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