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Artificial intelligence is one of the top innovations that several companies and individuals are largely depending on for their everyday tasks. Already, people are enjoying the benefits of using the available artificial intelligence tools from big tech companies. Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri are household examples of what artificial intelligence is already doing.

The integration of artificial intelligence into our everyday tasks is an interesting concept to industries and millions of people. This integration has found its way into several processes leading to a better and more accurate result. As a progression to mobile app development, artificial intelligence is becoming a normal addition to mobile apps to offer superior solutions to users.

The role of artificial intelligence in mobile app development is fast becoming a crucial role. This article explains how artificial intelligence is currently integrating with mobile app development. It explains how AI works with the benefits it provides.

Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In simple terms, AI is blocks of instructions capable of performing the simple and monotonous tasks that people do every day. It is capable of taking in data, analyze the data with high-level intelligence to arrive at similar or better decisions just like human thinking.

Leveraging on the ever-increasing computing power of machines to mimic the decision-making and problem-solving skills of humans is making artificial intelligence better. In fact, the AI system is getting results faster and more accurately in comparison with humans.

In its pipeline, AI consists of Machine Learning module, Machine Vision and Recognition, Language Processing, and Context Management. These sub-disciplines make it possible to carry out tasks accurately with little mistakes. From the perspective of mobile application development, the integration of AI is seeing the addition of chatbots and other AI solutions for a better user experience.

Application of Artificial Intelligence to Mobile App Development

In mobile app development, the integration of AI technology provides different functionality. This depends on what the apps set out to solve. Below are some of the artificial intelligence technology that is influencing the development of mobile app development

  1. Chatbots

These bots integrate with mobile apps to interact with users just as humans do. These blocks of instructions come from previous communication experiences that detail what response to give to certain questions. Chatbots are now essential features in communications apps and brand websites.

Chatbots is a great complement to mobile apps as it is useful to increase and retain user engagement. Chatbots are able to provide the quick clarification that users need in apps without having to escalate to a support person. In-app chatbots are useful for providing live support immediately when a customer needs it. This reduces the time before connecting to a human customer service agent to resolve the issue.

For advertisement and promotions, chatbots are capable of sending personalized promotions to customers. The broadcasting tool will send in-app notifications and messages to notify customers of new products and specific services. Of course, this feature will lead to an increase in revenue and profitability for companies.

  1. Voice Recognition

Another widespread usage of AI is its voice recognition feature. Alexa, Siri, Google assistant are a chief example of voice recognition solutions. The ability to recognize voices and perform certain actions from the command is a very useful integration in mobile applications.

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Voice input is now a key AI integration in mobile application development. This feature plays a key function in performing certain tasks for people who are unable to physically manipulate or interact with the screen. As a pioneer in this field, Apple’s Siri is an integral part of the Apple mobile device to provide a better user experience for Apple users.

  1. Machine Vision

The new camera lenses are getting better image optimization and stability because of the visual analysis from its AI integration. AI is becoming a key component of capturing and analyzing information from pictures and live feeds. Special camera applications integrate well with specific machine vision solutions to provide human-like and realistic pictures.

How AI will Benefit Mobile App development

Integrating these functionalities will obviously make tasks easier and quicker to complete. People can now assign monotonous tasks to AI to manage while they focus on complex tasks. For mobile application development, the end-users benefit from AI integration with the different benefits available. These integrations help users and businesses make better decisions and improve user experience. Here are some of the benefits of integrating AI during mobile app development

  1. Personalization: Different mobile applications provide customization features to each user. The ability to personalize services on an individual level is one of the key benefits of AI. Now, users can get personalized information that is useful for users boosting user experience. Understanding certain behavior with the different models will make the application work better and provide accurate information according to the need of the user.
  2. User Engagement: the time users need to make a decision about an app is slim. Making an impression is important to keep users and maintain the use of your app. To maintain this engagement, AI integration can help to collect information about user behavior useful for personalization. Using the information, developers and product managers can better create a better and user-friendly application.
  3. Hands-free Usage: With features like voice recognition and machine vision, apps can utilize these features to provide a hands-free experience to their users. Zeroing in on these benefits, developers can integrate these AI features to help users perform certain tasks on their devices without having to touch their devices. With voice command and image cues, the AI can take decisions on behalf of the users’ in-app.

Summing it up

The usage of AI is here to stay. From mobile app development to large enterprise software, the capabilities and benefits of AI are an investment worth considering. For most people, these benefits are already in fruition. For others, the gradual adoption is already happening.

Artificial intelligence role in influencing the way mobile apps is done will continue to grow. Undoubtedly, this will be a well-received innovation in both personal and professional settings. 

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