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THE CHALLENGE” sarl is a Moroccan company based in Casablanca, whose main activity is to promote the sale of works of art (Moroccan artists, foreigners living in Morocco, and foreigners). The website presents works (Paintings, Sculptures, Photos…) belonging to collectors, galleries, and artists who entrusted them for sale.


Vosartistes is an intermediary between the owner of the Artwork and the purchaser. Vosartistes needed to build a new platform with a new and fresh design to attract more visitors.


Our team was able to build a new art marketplace where visitors could search for several types of artworks such as paintings, sculptures, photos, and many others.


The marketplace is set to become a social network that connects artists to buyers; therefore, artists will create accounts, publish news, and sell their artworks. Visitors can interact directly with the artists and make their purchases.


We achieved the first phase of the project with success. The website is currently a marketplace that displays different artworks, where visitors can find anything they are looking for. However, the input data is still managed by a back-office administrator. The second phase of the project, which is currently undergoing, will be constructing a social network where artists and buyers can interact and rate each other directly without third-party intervention.


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