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Snipfeed  is a recommendation system product based on AI, which recommends instructive, personalized information to users. Initially, the project started as a simple Facebook chatbot to interact with users and provide them with their favorite content.

The challenge was to build a mobile application that can overcome all the chatbot limitations and explore all the different possibilities made available by the mobile industry.


After a successful year of collaboration, our expert mobile developers were able to create the Snipfeed App. Rather than downloading dozens of apps or searching websites for each content creator’s media that you like, you can find their newest podcasts, videos, and articles bundled together.

Snipfeed is an application that interacts with the best creators and their communities. It enables the user to explore premium content and engage directly with creators while discovering new content. On Snipfeed, the user can discover new creators and individual content, engage with creators, and observe and create playlists.



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In-app payments


In 2020, Snipfeed was among the winners of the Jumpstarter 2020 startup competition organized by Alibaba. Up to a total of US$5 million investment commitments, also a total cash prize of US$100,000, was shared among the five winners. They are also working with several social media celebrities such as Katja Glieson who is followed by more than 9.8 million people on TikTok.


Because of this, Snipfeed has had a great head start. It has enabled them to compete with other platforms like Linktree. It remains to be seen whether they will dominate that market, but they now have an advantage.

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