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Sante+ is the number one online health magazine in France. With over 8 million followers on Facebook alone, the magazine’s topics range from dieting and weight loss to dealing with relationships and stress issues. It also covers other subjects such as food recipes, beauty tips, and fashion-related content.


With the growth of their community and the increasing popularity of online commerce, Sante+ Magazine saw and identified the importance and potential of building and launching an online platform to sell health and beauty-related products. Sante+ was also facing challenges regarding their website’s monetization and the structure of their code, which directly affected and slowed their advertising-related ROI.


In collaboration with our team of expert developers, Sante+ Magazine built and launched an online platform based on Shopify to present and sell different types of products. The website named “La boutique de Charlotte” contains several different categories like beauty, clothing, food, and many others.


For the second project, our Adtech expert was able to assess and analyze the website before implementing a new strategy. The strategy encompasses the services such as website performance optimization, yield management implementation and dynamic floor optimization, header bidding integration and analytics, and ad fraud protection.


By reviewing the ad structure, optimizing the viewability of their ad placements, and implementing the A/B testing technique, our Ad operation expert was able to resolve the problem and considerably increase the advertising-related revenues. As for the second project, the new online shop was completed and launched on the market.


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