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Recall‘s mission or challenge was to build a technology that helps companies get a greater return on their digital marketing investment by allowing companies to easily access their data, share information with co-workers, and provide them with actionable insights.


The platform’s goal was to record all the queries and questions asked by users to learn what to include in future reports, so even if people work for the same company, the reports you get will vary depending on what data points are most valuable to each user. Each experience with the data should be unique.


Throughout several versions, the team was able to build from scratch a platform  that serves both publishers and marketers. Marketers have the chance to get Cross-Channel Attribution, create a complete automated analytics and reporting platform for all their marketing monitoring needs, and monitor Campaign Performance in Real-Time.


They can also do goal tracking to know precisely where they are when it comes to Goals at all times. They will also get alerts to be notified of any campaigns falling outside of standard deviation and performance. Our recommendation engine will automatically review campaigns and make recommendations based on ROI and campaign performance across marketing channels. 


The company created and launched a product that makes it easy for anyone to find and access the data they need with no training required. The platform can leverage AI to do much of the heavy lifting, looking for outlier data or hidden correlations that may provide insights into opportunities (good or bad) that can be used to take action. The technology levels the playing field for small and mid-sized businesses by providing them insights and technology that, until now, has been reserved for large corporations that can afford the data scientist and experts to access it.

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