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Pomelo  aims to provide innovative tools for companies to create and manage digital communication campaigns through video content. Using video content to communicate increases the conversion rate by 34% on average. And yet, video leads are costly, complicated, and counterproductive projects for most companies. The company converts video content into revenue, thanks to its practical communication planner and enhanced online shooting reservation. Their videos are clear, dynamic, and impactful.


In collaboration with Matious, Pomelo decided to launch a new product called DERUSH. The software was designed to assist video editors by providing a solution that automates the editing and de-rushing process.


Before the implementation of DERUSH, video editors needed to go through challenges such as; watching every single rush. In film production, rushes refer to the unedited, raw visual and sound footage from the day’s shooting.


They also need to select a first end-to-end sequence (possible duplicate content), select the best footage to remove duplicated content, remove silent sequences to keep essential content (takes up to 20 minutes), add and improve design elements: illustration, music, color grading, etc., and add subtitles.


With the use of DERUSH, the video editors can now automatically delete all silent sequences, organize all the interview ideas, select the best footage sequence with one single click, and integrate all subtitles.


They launched the first version of the DERUSH plugin in February 2021. The platform is currently in the Beta testing phase and has not yet been available to the market. Matious is continuing to work closely with Pomelo on the further development of the solution.


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