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Marketface  is a company that specializes in connecting different actors from the professional market, mainly clients and suppliers. People can exchange services and information within a dedicated environment.

The challenge of this project was to build an ambitious platform that would become the number one social network for professionals (B2B only).


Within 12 months, our team composed of expert developers was able to build both a web and mobile application. The web and mobile application offers a complete social network for professionals and enables the different actors to play different roles within the community. Among the various available features and depending on their profiles, users can build different networks of suppliers segmented by their activity sectors.


Also, they can publish news, offers, and other work-related materials, as well as directly communicate and chat with different people from the community. The web and mobile application also allows users to launch a call to tender for a business contract or other opportunities


The company was able to launch its web platform in June 2019 to produce a mobile application available in both iOS and Android. Since then, the company has established successful long-term relationships with its partner and continues to invest in the local market before expanding to the international market.

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