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The objective of Kidos  was to build a management system for education services that enables both parents and the faculty staff to track and monitor children’s progress and daily activities within the childcare premises.


Kidos is to become the ultimate all-in-one childcare app, which will help childcare providers streamline operations, delight families, and improve program quality.


In collaboration with several childcare centers, our team built an innovative and interactive platform  that includes all required features needed for a rapidly changing world. By joining Kidos, you can receive customized training for you and your staff, access to webinars, and tons of early childhood education content.


The app  was also designed to include contactless check-in, cashless payments, and digital reports and provides many other features such as functionalities such as parent communication, observation and assessment, classroom management, billing, daily sheets, lesson planning, and portfolios.

what we did

Project milestones

Mobile application

Mobile applications for both the iOS platform (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch) and the Android platform.

Web platform

A web platform that works with all major browsers.

Admin Dashboard

A dedicated dashboard that is used for information management and system administration.


Kidos application and platform went live in June 2020. So far, the Kidos app and platform are working perfectly well. The app, in particular, includes the features listed above, and so far, they are running smoothly. Nonetheless, Matious is continuing to work closely with Kidos on the further development of its solution.


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