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IFEAT  is a trade association founded in 1977. It represents companies’ interests in producing, processing, trading, and manufacturing the many thousands of ingredients used in flavors, fragrances, and aromatherapy.


IFEAT needed to upgrade some of the main functionalities of its website in anticipation of the selling season.


Our team of experts was able to upgrade the payment system by using the WooCommerce  plugin, which is a customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress. After that, we allocated a dedicated team to supervise and maintain the website performance during the selling season.


Our software engineers were also able to manually review the entire website’s source code to identify bugs, resolve errors, and improve the overall architecture and code quality.


An upgraded payment system helps to lower operational costs, thereby increasing revenue. The improved payment system led to some positives. The selling season was a complete success, and we were also able to reach all the targeted goals. An expectation for consistent performance is now the new target, and we are optimistic.


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