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THE CHALLENGE is a website that aggregates everything you need to know about our planet. Founded in 2016 by Eric Ralls, who is also Founder/CEO of Plant Snap, delivers unique news and information from a top-notch team of writers and editors, focusing on nature, science, and the environment. The company is committed to providing compelling, original content to educate the public about this amazing planet we call Earth.

A part news site, part encyclopedia, is also home to a vast trove of information regarding life on our planet. They cataloged every known plant and animal from the Agave to the Zebra to provide a functioning reference library to satiate people’s curiosity or assist in research projects. As part of their business strategy, the company needed to launch a new program to review the structure of their Ad technologies to boost the results of their Ad operations.


To achieve the targeted results, our team had to work on several and different milestones such as website performance optimization, yield management implementation and dynamic floor optimization, header bidding integration and analytics, and ad Fraud Protection.


We were also able to connect to a unique platform that enables the management of an entire ad network via a single dashboard while providing access to Real-Time Header Bidding Analytics and tracking all revenues/expenses from all HB partners.


Both advertising-related revenue and organic traffic were increased considerably after the successful implementation of our Ad operation strategy. fully benefited from our Adtech and Programmatic consulting services, where a technical account manager remained at their service, during and after the implementation phase, for any Ad operation or assistance.


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