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Headquartered in Taiwan, ADLINK  has operations in the United States, UK, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Japan, Korea, and Germany. ADLINK products are currently available in over 40 countries across five continents, with worldwide distribution networks and more than 1,800 employees.


When initially developed, ADLINK’s database system was not built in a scalable way. Therefore, as the number and types of products were growing, the company was facing a significant issue in organizing its data structure.


In collaboration with our team of experts, we organized several workshops to remodel the system’s database and architecture.

The project required the effort of several experts to achieve the milestones such as assessing the old architecture to identify all the existing problems, building a new structure and architecture for the database, migrating all the data from the old to the new database, and monitoring the post-migration operations


After several months of collaboration, we completed the revision of the harmonized database, and it is currently in use. ADLINK was able to store different new products and categories within their system and successfully overcome all the major issues. Our database administrator continues to manage ADLINK's database to achieve sustained growth to the company's benefit.


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