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Noops  is the online destination for beauty and wellness professionals and clients in Switzerland. Professionals can showcase their work, connect with new and existing clients, while clients can use the application to make online reservations.


The process of booking a session in a beauty salon is very complicated in Switzerland. It is because you have no information about the availability of professionals, and it might take up to 3-4 weeks to book an appointment.


Noops, which happens to be a new emerging startup, provides a mobile  and web  application that gathers all the professionals from the beauty and wellness market.


Clients can discover new services and providers, check availability schedules, and book appointments in less than 2 minutes.


Our team of expert developers was also able to develop and launch an online store where Noops can sell their products online and expand their customer base across Switzerland or even worldwide.

Mobile application dedicated to beauty care

The NOOPS mobile application allows customers in a hurry to geolocate and book in a nearby institute.


Noops application and platform went live in July 2020. Since Noops is targeting a pressing problem in the Switzerland beauty market, it is expected that they might soon be in demand. For now, the platform and app have handled the demand well. However, Matious is continuing to work closely with Noops on the further development of its solution.


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