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CGEM  is the official representative of the private sector to the public authorities. It speaks on behalf of 90,000 direct and affiliated members and ensures a favorable economic environment for business development. Since its creation in 1947, the General Confederation of Enterprises of Morocco (CGEM) ensures the representation and the promotion of the member companies acting in different sectors and various sizes. The actions of the CGEM are based on credibility, efficiency, and solidarity towards its members.


The project mission was to create a system called SYGEDE to monitor and track progress and results from the Covid-19 screening test conducted by all companies from the private sector at a national level.


In a record time of one month, our team created a dashboard system that enables different agents from the CGEM organization to input any data related to the Covid tests conducted by company personnel belonging to the private sector, alongside the results obtained.


The success of the project required close cooperation between the CGEM team and the ministry of health. The platform was able to track and offer real-time reporting on the spread of the virus on a national scale.


SYGEDE went live in April 2020 and was successfully used for three months as an initial protocol to track and monitor the national Screening test operation launched to supervise the spread of the virus within companies' premises from the private sectors. Matious prides itself on participating in such non-profit projects and providing such valuable service to the nation.


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