A Bespoke Strategy To Take Your Website Monetization To The Next Level.

Website Performance Optimization

Our experts will review the structure of your source code to speed up the website time response and improve its performances.


Yield Management Implementation

We review and improve your Ad visibility to ensure the selling out of all your inventory all the time, at the highest prices possible.

Header Bidding Integration

By implementing header bidding, you can offer inventory to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously and drastically improve your revenues.

Header Bidding Analytics

We offer our clients a special HB analytics solution that helps them make the right decisions and implement the best monetization strategy.

Dynamic Floor Optimization

We offer our clients an algorithm that uses historical data to propose an optimal floor price before the beginning of each auction.

Ad Fraud Protection

We help you implement a tailored strategy to protect your website and your monetization solutions from any Automated Attacks.

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Matious Digital really helped us achieve our monetization goals. The strategy implemented, along with the trainings provided, significantly contributed in the stability of our business.

otman kabbaj testimonial for matious
O. Kabbaj
President & Chief Executive Officer, Sante Plus Magazine

There are different types of publishers within the online market, each facing different problem depending on their business strategy. We’ve selected for you three types of challenges that are faced by almost every publisher within this industry.


Increase readership and serve the right ads to the right audience at the right time.


Implement different types of ads like byline articles, videos, and sponsored contents. Dig deeply into behavioral data to obtain meaningful reports.

Search Engine Statistics (%)

  • Online Experiences That Begin With a Search Engine
  • Users Who Never Scroll to Page 2
  • Users Who Ignore The Paid Ads

Search Engine Optimization

The publisher’s rank with the Google search results is also one of the key elements to perform well within this market.

  • Publish Relevant Content
  • Update Your Content Regularly
  • Work on your Metadata
  • Use alt tags
  • Stay tuned with the technology as Google continuously  updates its SEO algorithms.

Header Bidding Experts

The header bidding technique overcomes all the previous problems faced with the Waterfall ad serving and its PASSBACk system. Thanks to this new programmatic technique, punlishers can benefit from several advantages

  • An Optimal cost per mille (CPM)
  • A Hiher and Guaranteed fill rates
  • A More Precise Picture on your Inventory’s Value 

Header Bidding User Around The World

  • Criteo HB
  • Prebid JS
  • Sovrn header bidding
  • Contango SmartWrapper
  • PubFood
  • No HB

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